Ghibli’s new Princess Kaguya trailer previews English dub


Apple’s iTunes service released a trailer for the English dub of Studio Ghibli and Isao Takahata‘s The Tale of the Princess Kaguya on Monday.

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Having Trouble Finding the Perfect Vehicle in GTA V? This Link Might Help

This link is through a website that specializes in posting thorough guides on where to go to get that something special you’re missing in your video game. The map is interactive, as you are able to narrow your search by using various filters. Hope everyone finds exactly what they’re looking for, so the PVP murder sprees and the gang wars may resume.

If you want one of the nicer cars such as the Adder, Entity, or Infernus, you still have to buy it online through the Motorsports website before you can track and further mod it.

Buy and Low Ripped Off Nova: A Comparison of Wall-E and Short Circuit

I, as any other human being, love observing the present day recordings of our daily lives, ideals, and fantasies on whichever form of media it may be recorded on. Whether a book on the results of Colony Collapse Disorder on the honey bee, a video game on how America might alter government should a zombie apocalypse occur in our lifetime, or a comic strip on how one should react if asked to the prom by your preferred date’s creepy best friend. Someday these will display to future generations how we diagnose and treat disease brought by pesticide, the ways our government reserves the possibility of concentration camps on US soil, and how we deal with unwanted social interaction.

Short-Circuit-Movie-Poster wall-e

Then we have the parts of our generation that, like generations before us, we wish could be hidden away from future eyes. Not one of the most serious topics is the fact that fewer and fewer movies are originally written, but simply copied from a movie made earlier in the same genre. Almost every mature moviegoer will tell you it is fairly hard to find a good movie that doesn’t have dancing cartoons or a plot that’s been written a billion times. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Sometimes, however, we come across one that seems nearly perfect in every way, a storyboard that must’ve been so full of awesome it took a lifetime to write, the author writing it carefully as though they knew that one movie would be your favorite movie for years to come. All of this praise for a movie, only to find out a hundred films later that it has simply already been made. It doesn’t have to be as good as the movie you had first seen; it still somewhat taints the revel you had for that movie.

I had that experience when seeing Short Circuit for the first time in my life last night. Anyone notice the similarities between Number Five and Wall-E? No? Then I shall list them with the heavy heart of a Disney fan.

  1. Overall look of the two robots, including their rolling movement and cylindrical eye shape. Although Number Five has a third wheel making him appear related to the Hover Round.
  2. The distinction between the main characters and the other robots; such as the main characters having a mind of their own, whereas the other robots, built for the same purpose, are incapable of thinking for themselves. They also learn to adapt, and repair themselves in the movie whenever an eye lens or a circuit board breaks.
  3. Weather has a serious effect on both robots. For Number Five, a lightning bolt strikes life into him, giving him the ability to disobey orders, have emotions, say curse words, and everything else that comes with being human. Although Wall-E gets struck by lightning, it’s not taken as seriously, only a gag to keep audiences laughing: still, Wall-E relies on the sun for energy ever since humans abandoned Earth and no one was left to change out robot’s batteries.
  4. Both robots are pretty much single-handedly responsible for causing a man and woman to fall into a love that, we are led to believe, would have never happened otherwise. Wall-E takes two humans out of the technology-induced trance that has every other human in its grip. Shortly after, the female points out the robot to a passing human, and he recalls the robot’s name, forming a bond between the two that can never be broken. In Short Circuit, Number Five finds his way onto an easily-irritated human female’s property, who then contacts the business who owns him. The robot’s owner, an equally anti-social male, meets the girl, and, after the military tries to blow the robot up a few times and the male and female have a few arguments, the three of them (the two humans and the robot) run away to Mexico. (Not really, trying to sneak Number Five past customs would have been impossible.)
  5. Wall-E is attracted to a female robot in the movie, as is Number Five, though his love is not as intertwined with the story as Wall-E’s is.
  6. Number Five and Wall-E are both designed to help combat world problems, although through different ways. Number Five is literally built for combat and is able to shoot a laser large enough to blow up a military truck but also precise enough to destroy a man’s belt buckle and cause his pants to fall without harming him. (An exception for the human’s ego, of course.) Wall-E’s purpose is not as military-centered and is somewhat simpler: rid the earth of all its garbage. Somewhat.

Though there are a few similarities between the two movies, each also has its own style, background, and audience. There are also a full 22 years between the making of the two films, Short Circuit being made in 1986 and Wall-E in 2008. I personally think they are both unique movies, and, if you haven’t already seen them, I recommend them for Friday movie night.

Sims Love to Freeze More than an Icy Road in Winter

If you’ve ever played a Sims game, whether the original, sequel, or any of the multiplesim spin offs such as Sims 3 Pets or Sims 2 Castaway, you’ll know after the first few hours of gaming that Sims love to freeze. Maybe it’s the file size. Perhaps all those hours of game play has left the gaming console just too hot and needing a little rest. Or maybe those Sims are up to something, with their unintelligible Sim talk, plotting to take over the planet by order of their overlord The Great Llama.

Nonetheless, it’s incredibly irritating to have a game stop just before clicking the save button after so long of a gaming session. So irritating you put the game down for a few months in place of playing those four extra hours of catch up. Until, of course, you’ve forgotten all about The Sim’s shortcomings, and you once again put the disk in your platform. And for a few days, everything is fine. Your family is paying their light bill, the son is slowly getting better in school, and the cat’s gotten a part time job at the local sushi restaurant. But then, like a leg cramp in the middle of Comic Con, it happens: the game freezes. And it burns.

My First Blog on WordPress

Blogging for me seems a bit intimidating, as I’ve never shared much of my writings with a lot of people. My mother’s only heard a few ideas, and my father hasn’t even read my first book. Even now, my mum looked over my shoulder as I typed, just to be shooed away with a, “Do you mind?” Blogging seems like a lot of fun, though, and I would LOVE to speak with and hear from others that have the same interests as me. I hope to be blogging for many years, and learning lots from some cool people.